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A Message From An Angel (My Mom)

Hello, my friends in Oneness

(Saturday morning, June 17, 2023)

Before I get into the details of this most beautiful dream of mine, and where I received this message, allow me to begin with more information about events that lead up to this event.

I've been sensing my Mom's presence often in the past few weeks. I returned to the school where I work on June 1st, which was my first day back since the Christmas break. I received good news from my Oncologist regarding the results of my most recent PET scan. I've been feeling better, I no longer need my suction device, and I've been eating more. I returned to the stage for my first gig with a band since last September, and my sister Angela just turned 60. These are all events and happenings that I know my Mom's divine presence was a part of, as she wouldn't miss any of them.

Fast-forward to yesterday, Friday, June 16. I received an email from 'Shutterfly' highlighting memories from this week, ten years ago. This is when my family was celebrating Angela's 50th birthday. Our Mom was in all of the pictures, looking as beautiful as ever (that was in 2013. Our Mom passed in 2018). As always, I shared the pictures with my Dad and my siblings, and made a point to say that "Mom is all around us this week!". I went to bed last night in anticipation of Angela's 60th Birthday celebration which is being held later this afternoon. As I do every night, I gave thanks and prayers for all that I have, and I sent my unending love to Mom. Not knowing she would be making a visit.

So, I had this dream....

What I recall from the dream was that I was part of a large business event. Nothing new here, I have plenty of dreams like this that I believe are from my thirty years in the corporate world, attending conferences, holding meetings and making presentations. What I didn't expect though, was when the congregation that I was part of, gathered in a huge ballroom for what seemed like an official 'meet and greet, cocktail' gathering. There were hundreds of colleagues, and I was talking with and personally knew many of them. Then, out of nowhere, I turned and saw my Mom, right in front of me! She was floating in what seemed like the yoga position 'Child's Pose'. She was younger (about the same age as in the photo above), and wearing white silk pajamas. I immediately felt my heart leap out of my chest! I burst into tears of joy, as we spiritually embraced one another. I remember seeing my Mom's face as we began talking to each other. Her mouth was not moving as she spoke, but I heard every word she said. It was like what Moses said about his talk with God atop Mount Sinai in The Ten Commandments: "He revealed his mind to me, and the word was God". Our conversation was so natural and beautiful, then at a certain point, I began to grow concerned as to what my conversation might look like to my fellow colleagues. I remember asking my Mom this question, I said "Mom, what are these people seeing if they're looking at us right now? Can they see you too? Do they see your spirit? Or do they see me talking to myself?" What she responded with, was a question of her own. A question that I will most certainly carry with me for the rest of my days. She said:

"What do you want them to see?"

It was at that moment that I was awakened because I had to pee. I turned to look at the clock, it said 3:45 am. I got up and took care of my business, and then got back in bed and said to myself "Thank you, Mom". As I lay there I kept replaying the dream over and over in my head as it was still fairly vivid. I remembered her face, what she was wearing, how she was floating, her voice, and most of all, that end-of-dream question to me. What was Mom trying to tell me? What did 'What do you want them to see?' really mean? So now, my mind is off and running. I'm contemplating all kinds of possibilities. Was there a hidden message within it? Was it a code of some sort? Did the 'Child's Pose' have anything to do with it? or for that matter, the white silk pajamas? I kept replaying the scene in my mind over and over. I had to find a resolution here, after all, I am 'That Oneness Guy', right? I should be able to decipher a divine message from a dream, I guess? Maybe? TIME CHECK: 5:30 am. I continued to toss and turn, assuming I would be able to fall back asleep, but the fear of forgetting the details of the dream kept me awake and pondering. That's when it hit me.

We can shape our perceptions

Still laying there, I had this thought for a moment. When Mom said 'What do you want them to see?', she was placing the emphasis on me and my thoughts. In other words, if I wanted my colleagues to see me talking to a spirit, an apparition, to myself, or to my Mom, that was totally up to me. I did not have to be persuaded by the opinion of others. I did not have to allow my ego to dictate the outcome of that scene to any degree. I shouldn't care. I can literally shape my perceptions, the perceptions of my life, and my perceptions of this world. I've spent my entire spiritual journey discovering and sharing ways in which we can come to terms with our higher self. Most of these thoughts and opportunities are centered around knowing that we are creators, and learning how to exist with an ego. My Mom's direct message was a reminder to me that I can change the way I view my life and the events within it. By altering a specific thought pattern here or there, I have the ability to reshape a perception I may have, and how I might view something. And the irony with that is, when I change or reshape a personal perception, the universe does as well because I am one with it. It doesn't matter if these changes are judged as 'good' or 'bad', the point is that I have the ABILITY to make these changes. We all do.

Did it matter what my colleagues saw, or what they may have thought if they saw me 'talking with my deceased Mom?' Hell, no.

Thank you Mom. Being one with your energy is amazing, and I can't wait until our frequencies are in alignment again for another visit!

My unending Love,



**Please enjoy my Mom's favorite song of mine; "I'll Hold You In My Heart"

In Oneness,


'That Oneness Guy'

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