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A Oneness response, to a Pandemic’s fear

Hello, my friends, It is Tuesday, May 12, 2020. We are now in the 9th week of our new quarantined way of life.


I know, it blows me away as well whenever I think about it. So, I try my best not to. How are you? Are you healthy? Are you sane? I sure hope so. By all means, respond to this blog and let me know. I love hearing the variety of ways that other people are surviving this event. 

My note here today has a two-folded message. First, as you just read, I’d really like to hear how you’re doing. I know that writing/typing helps me. This is all I’ve been doing since March 16 as that was the first day of the shut-down, and the first day I started writing my new book: 

“The WAYZ of Oneness” Helping to Navigate Life

The second message is to share the podcast episode that I recorded yesterday. And that is because the content within it will not only help you in getting through this pandemic but will be one hell of an addition to how you process the rest of your life.  If you follow me on social media, you know that my initial thought (dare I say ‘message’) regarding the pandemic was a simple one. And one that remains now 9 weeks in. And that was this:

“How you process this will determine your outcome”

What I mean by that is this. Oneness reminds us that the only control we have in this lifetime is what and how we think. And during this pandemic, we have been BOMBARDED with news media opinions, medical opinions, conspiracy theories, and millions upon millions of social media posts where everyone swears that theirs is the truth! Who do you believe? How can you even fathom how to make sense of it all? You can’t my friends. It’s too much. And half of it is bullshit to boot. So, in this newfound world of ours, where we’re being flooded with information, some good, some bad, we need to control what we allow in. Our thoughts are everything. They dictate how we feel. They have the power to strengthen and weaken our immune system. Put it this way. If you believe that you’re going to get the Coronavirus and allow that to be your predominant thought, well guess what. YOU WILL!  You cannot allow the fear that this pandemic represents to take hold of your life. When we look back at this pandemic down the road, I don’t believe the virus will be the first thing to come to mind. It will be the FEAR. And that is because it has reached epic proportions. The fear is dictating how many people respond and process this internally. Which is foolish because we control our thoughts. There is no such thing as ‘fear’ in this world. There are only ‘fearful’ thoughts. And we get to choose whether we allow those fearful thoughts to take up residence in our lives or not. We need to choose wisely my friends!

In this podcast episode, I address how and why fear came to play such an important role in this pandemic. With Oneness at the foundation of the message, it reaffirms the inherent truth that so many of us cast aside. That we have control if something scares us or not! As I mentioned, fear can damage us in so many ways. Physically and energetically specifically. We know that in Oneness it’s important to raise our energy and vibration. That’s what keeps us aligned with our higher source, God. Well, I don’t think I need to say that fear does not keep our energy at a high level. It does quite the opposite. In my new book, I’ve dedicated a chapter to fear, and this pandemic is a big part of it as well. I use this as an acronym for fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. Because that’s all that it is. Fear is nothing more than a thought related reaction. You think of something and it scares you. So, CHANGE THAT THOUGHT!

So, please give a listen to the podcast. I posted a link below. Just know that all of my podcast episodes are available on any and all of your favorite podcasting sites and apps. On your phones, in your cars, and in your homes.  By all means. Please maintain thoughts of health and wellness. Know that you have the power to not allow fear to take over your thoughts. Trust in your nature. And by that, I mean to acknowledge the magnificence of what your body and immune system represent. Think positively. There’s far too much circulating around this event. Choose what you allow to let in wisely. 

In Health and continued Oneness,


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