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"Can I Get A Witness?"

"For in truth, it is life that gives unto life - while you, who deem yourself a giver, are but a witness" - Kahlil Gibran

Hello, my friends in Oneness,

I especially love this topic as it pertains directly to my life right now, in a very big way. We know what it means to be a 'witness', but placed within spiritual confines it is sometimes more difficult to grasp. Since we are spiritual beings having our human experience, we know that the physical does not represent what we are. It is within that sense that we all are 'witnessing' our lives unfold.

Just like watching a movie

When we settle in to watch a movie, we become an unbiased observer. We're willing to accept all that happens in the movie because we know it cannot affect us. This is the level we hope to achieve when we become the witness to our own lives. We remove ourselves emotionally from all that is going on within our physical world and just observe.

Can you learn to witness your life, rather than identify with?

Getting back to watching a movie, think of the comfort you have while you're just sitting back and enjoying what you're watching. There's no stress, no pressure, no worries, all because you know what's being witnessed is not you, and has nothing to do with you. This is the gist of becoming a witness to your own life. It instantly adds the peace that you may have been searching for. Now, how this pertains to me personally, and I'm sure to many of you as well, is by witnessing the pain that my body is experiencing (for me, it is related to my recovery from cancer treatments). As I make my way through these days that are unfortunately filled with some pain and discomfort, I do my best to quiet my mind and come to the knowing that the pain is not me. When we can witness and not identify with our lives our spirituality allows us to become unattached to what our bodies may be experiencing. I know, I hear you loud and clear, yes this is so much easier said than done. But, because we are creatures of habit, the more that I hold steadfast to being the witness to what my body is experiencing, the easier it becomes to deal with, and it will be the same for you.

Only your form is suffering, YOU cannot suffer

As spiritualists, we know that suffering can only exist within our physical form. The light and essence that we are cannot experience suffering. I love to quote my guru Dr. Wayne Dyer when he said, "Our bodies are OF, this world. We are not OF this world". Again, I understand the difficulty many of us have with this concept, myself included. But, as much as I sometimes struggle with it, I am reminded that living this life from a spiritual foundation is a process. It is a learning curve that never ends, and I'm thankful for that! If understanding spirituality, and Oneness had an end date, any and all growth would stop. This is why our planet keeps spinning, and our universe keeps expanding. Life and creation never end.

Let's practice. Time to make your own movie!

The next time you're meditating, think of something that has been bothering you. Picture it on a movie screen, whatever it may be, along with any thoughts, images, and feelings, and allow it to come into full focus. Now, detach yourself from everything you see on the screen, and look at it from the perspective of a witness. Be completely non-judgmental, while allowing this movie to go wherever it may go. Stay committed to just observing this new flick of yours, for as long as it takes, and notice how the problem starts to dissipate. The more you get comfortable with this exercise, the more you'll find yourself disassociating with your problems and concerns. That is because the problems and concerns we have are OF this world. We are not OF this world!

Can I Get A Witness!

In Oneness,


'That Oneness Guy'

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