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Expecting a Miracle (day 18 I think?)

Saturday January 28, 2023 (Day 18, I believe)

Hello again my friends,

The reason for my uncertainty regarding which day this is, is because I've spent this entire week in the hospital. I am at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Urgent Care Center on E. 67th St in Manhattan.

Last weekend when my doctors realized that swallowing became even more difficult, and I couldn't drink at all, they decided to send me here to have a feeding tube placed in my stomach. So, Andrea and I drove up here and I got admitted last Sunday night.

My thoughts were that I would get the tube on Monday. What I found out quickly was that hospitals have their own timetables. I didn't receive the tube on Monday but they were able to administer my radiation treatment, so at least I stayed on that schedule.

Hospital stays are never fun, obviously, between what brought you there coupled with labs and vitals being checked throughout the night, the noise, the bed, and let's not forget the food. Now, speaking of food, I haven't eaten anything in about four days now, but they assured me that I would receive my feeding tube on Tuesday.


Tuesday turned into Wednesday which turned into THURSDAY, before I finally received my feeding tube! The saving grace was when they wheeled me back up to my room, I saw my Andrea's smiling face waiting for me! What a sight for my sick and most miserable eyes.

They had to monitor me with the tube overnight, and we started the 'feedings' yesterday, on Friday. It's a little bit of a process, but they showed me how to do it. I'm to give myself four bags of a nutritional blend each day, and because I can't drink normally right now (it just comes right back up and out of my nose), I can also get my daily water intake through the tube as well.

I'm sitting here on my hospital bed, writing this blog on my phone. I just finished my second bag of the day and I can't wait until I'm discharged tomorrow! (Can I get an Amen!) Oh! One bit of positive news to share. They needed to make me a new mask for the radiation treatments. My doctor called me to explain why. He said that the tumors have already shrunk to a degree where they need a new mask to pinpoint what's left of them!

That made this miserable week of mine worth it!

Thank you again for your continued love and prayers. It truly means the world to me as I make my way through this ordeal.

In love, light, and Oneness,


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