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Expecting a Miracle (Day 5)

Friday January 13, 2023 (Day 5)

Hello again my friends in Oneness,

Last night turned out to be my quickest and easiest treatment to date. I showed up at 4pm, and the nurses took me right in, they adjusted my mask according to what we discussed in my prior session, which meant loosening a few of the bolts, and this made for a much easier session, again. I was home by 4:45pm.

Andrea and I decided to get in an episode of 'Heartland' before dinner, and I was thrilled to finish most of my meal. I ate three meals yesterday which was more than I had the two days prior. My appetite has been starting to wane, and I really want to focus on getting my meals, nutrition, and calories on a daily basis. Especially now, while I can still eat relatively 'pain-free'. I still have issues swallowing, where I have to take my time, chew slowly, take small bites, and follow every bite with water. But, I keep thinking about what might be down the road for me. My fellow throat cancer patients have all attested to how much harder it becomes to eat the further down the radiation road I go. So, I really feel the need to eat as much as I can, while I can.

Today, I made a bowl of organic oatmeal as soon as I woke up. Although I usually don't like eating breakfast right away, I feel like I have to, just to get that first meal in. After my walk and some office work, I had to make a few stops and decided to bring something home for my lunch. I've been yearning for a 'Jersey Mikes' sub for some reason, so I picked up a 'mini #7' (ham, capicola, provolone). Now, this isn't on my diet for many reasons. First, I can't open my mouth wide enough to actually take a bite, and second, it's all processed, but I really desired it, so I took it home. I got down half of it, albeit very slowly, and it tasted as great as I remember.

After lunch, I had a Zoom session with my therapist which was very helpful as always, and I was inspired to record a 'narrated' version of my song "Find Pollyanna". I wrote this song back in 2009 for cancer patients never imagining that the message would be so directed at me as it now is. I will make a video of it over the weekend and share it on my sites and YouTube page.

But for now, this will be my last blog of the week. My next treatment will be on Tuesday, January 17. I'll be blogging that day about how my 3-day weekend went without any treatments. I'm on my way to MSK for treatment #5.

Thanks again for the love

In Oneness,


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Susan Davis
Susan Davis
16 gen 2023

hI Danny, God bless! I've had a huge hiatal hernia which I had surgery on, and after, I don't seem to want to eat. But I learned that we need lots of protein. I drink those protein drinks: Premier Protein,. I did like the vanilla at first, but now I like the caramel flavored stuff. You may want to check into this, I found some at Wallmart,. Take care! Sue

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