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Happy 2019 – Resolve to Resolute!

Hello, my friends in Oneness,

As we close out 2018 and welcome in 2019 there’s no better time to reflect on what took place, and what lies ahead, because therein lies the beauty of Oneness! When we discover all that Oneness has to offer we find out that our newfound connection to one and all teach us acceptance. And when we consider our past and our future, acceptance plays a very important role. It allows us to manage our thoughts which will, in turn, manage our feelings. When we come to accept our past we learn that every person, every event and everything that happened, was all for a specific reason. And when we accept these events, we accept them without judgment (and that is key). So when we look towards the future, through the eyes of Oneness, we already know that we’ll accept all that comes to us, again without judgment.

When you read this book you’ll find out that my ‘soul’ objective is for us to live a less stressful life. Oneness teaches this in many ways. Acceptance is one of the biggest components of Oneness that will set us on that path. For when you learn to accept things for what they are, how can you not be more peaceful? Your outlook on not only your own life but on our world collectively will come from an understanding and a peacefulness that Oneness offers. So as we approach the new year, and many of us look to make resolutions, why not consider this. Resolve to resolute! Make it a point to come to terms with Oneness and all that it can offer you (and the rest of the world). It’s not as if you need to take on a difficult challenge like dieting or working out. All that Oneness requires is to reconnect with what your higher self (your soul, or what I call ‘S.T.E.V.L.S’) is yearning for you to do. And that starts with a simple change of thought. That’s all it takes. This book is a great starting point for people who are just finding out about Oneness, and it is also an advanced guide for those who may have missed something along the way. Wherever you may be on your spiritual journey, these words are here to help. To help you and to help me.

So, take the plunge! Our world, our lives and most importantly, our children’s lives depend on it. Resolve to Resolute!

Peace, Love, Light and continued Oneness


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