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In Gratitude, for "I have you"

Hello my friends, and a very 'Happy New Year' to you all!

As we enter a new year, it's next to impossible to not look back at all that you experienced in the year now coming to a close. It's only natural, right? We all do it. We look back and recall the highs and lows, the good and bad, what happened around the world, everything. Some of you feel happy that the year is finally over, while others pray that they experience the same good fortune they did throughout the year. I can't help but recall this time last year. It seemed that the collective global thought was one of anticipation as we all wanted 2020 to just be over with! Little did we know back then that 2021 would present more of the same, especially in terms of Covid-related concerns. But as life goes on, here we are, closing out 2021. Many of us, once again, will not be gathering with loved ones to celebrate due to the recent spike in the aforementioned concerns. This is now two years in a row where much of society chose to stay at home and away from gatherings due to an illness, or the fear of one.

So, how do we find 'gratitude' in our hearts?

Great question for us to consider as we head into 2022. The short answer is provided through Oneness, and you've heard me recite this many times by now. If you reread the quote on the picture I posted above, it says that a spiritual journey is the 'unlearning of fear' and the 'acceptance of love'. What does that tell you? Oneness has so much to do with those two specific phrases. Fear is rampant in our lives, in our society and throughout our world in so many ways. When we get to the point in our lives when we can unlearn fear, or at least not let it directly impact us, it naturally opens us up for acceptance. Acceptance for everything that is in life, and especially love. This is how we find gratitude in our hearts.


When we consider the fact that we are spiritual beings, experiencing life within this realm as a physical being, that in itself is a HUGE MIRACLE! When you throw in the fact that during this experience, we get to make choices, this too is another miracle. If it sounds to simple to you, it is! So many of us think that we are 'living a life' and this is not the case. We are not 'living a life', WE ARE LIFE! Do you see the difference? When we look at life from that perspective, it's impossible to not view this journey as a miracle. Having gratitude in our hearts becomes second nature at this point. If you view life and events as 'good' or 'bad', you're only passing judgment, and this is where I reiterate one of my foundational elements of Oneness. "LIFE JUST IS"

"I have you."

So, for me personally, when I look back at 2021, my thoughts zoom right past shows, school, gatherings and all that I would consider normal, and stop at one word. CANCER. 2021 presented me with a Stage 3 diagnosis of throat cancer this past September. Pretty hard to feel gratitude for that huh? Well, to the contrary, I am FILLED WITH GRATITUDE. How can I not be? I know that it's a scary topic, and one not easily dealt with. But all of that is coming from what I discussed earlier (fear). I know that this happened for a reason because 'there are no accidents in a perfect universe'. I also know that I am meant to not only learn from this new journey of mine, but to teach of it and educate as well. And finally, the outpouring of love and support from family and friends alike has been unbelievable! How can I not have gratitude in my life from love like that? But when I speak of love, I am at a loss for words when it comes to the latest level of love from my wife Andrea. From the very second when we heard the diagnosis, it's almost as if she became obsessed. She grabbed my face and said 'we got this!'. She immediately started to research all that she could online regarding holistic treatments and diets for cancer patients. She left no stone unturned as her mission to love, support me and potentially save my life became apparent. I've always been blessed by Andrea's love for me, but in the past four months I've been introduced to a whole new level of commitment, dedication and caring that I never imagined possible. So, am I grateful? Am I filled with gratitude? Dear God, I am beyond words. Which is why on Christmas morning I had to read to her a poem I wrote. I couldn't find the words conventionally, and I felt that her inspiration would guide me poetically, and it did. I would like to share it here with you:

As you make your way into this new year, do it from a place of gratitude. We know that our challenges will always remain, but when Oneness is at the foundation of our lives, life becomes easier. We understand terms like 'acceptance' and 'surrender' and what they truly mean. Knowing that we are one means that we are never alone. The very source that we are connected to is along on this ride with us. We must take comfort in that. Know that you are a miracle in so many beautiful ways. Live, Love and Laugh. Don't let the shit-show win. This is YOUR LIFE, YOUR WORLD. Use your ability to make choices to create exactly what you want!

Happy New Year!

In Oneness

That Oneness Guy

(My latest podcast is the perfect compliment to what I just referenced and a great way to start your new year!)

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