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In Oneness - YOU COME FIRST!

Wow! What a week of shit (again). With the events that unfolded earlier this week, how could I not address it from a Oneness perspective? It seems, unfortunately, there is never a shortage of headlines in todays society for me to use to my advantage when discussing Oneness. I mean, I wrote my latest book in the months of March through August of 2020 (hmmm. What was going on in the world then?). Yeah, it pains me to say that recently I have never been on the lookout for global events and reactions that play right into my wheelhouse.

So, what do I mean when I say 'In Oneness - YOU COME FIRST!'? Well, I really wanted to use the title 'In Oneness, it's imperative to think selfishly', but there's too much of a negative connotation with the word 'selfish'. So, I got around that by saying 'you come first'. That sounds much better doesn't it? Plus, Oneness doesn't advocate for the blatant disregard of others. But it's important for all of us to realize what I mean when I say that 'you come first', so here goes.

A general rule of thumb in Oneness, and spirituality in general, is that the only control we have in this lifetime is what we allow to affect us. What does that mean, 'TOG'? It simply means that we cannot control anything that goes on outside of our bodies. Our only control is to the extent of consent that we give to the events happening outside of our bodies. While you're here, your world is directly correlated to how and what you think. Those thoughts (whether you believe it or not) dictate what manifests in your world. Now, please note that I'm referring directly to YOU! Not the other seven or so billion residing here. YOU!


OK, let's use the most current event as our example. We all saw it. We all heard the reports, and we all came to our own very personal conclusions. I feel very safe to say that depending on which side of this debate you stand on, you either had one of two very strong emotions, or in some cases, both. And they are FEAR and, or ANGER. I can just imagine how some of your wheels are turning right now, so let me explain. Regardless of what side you're on, you were probably angry, right? And, no matter what side you're on, you're probably afraid of what might come down the road, right? I know I am. But that's my point:


So, why in God's name do we let outside events affect the only thing we have control over? Trust me folks, I'm no different. I've been extremely upset over this event. I've had to remind myself a few hundred times already, that I can only control my own thoughts. So, let's get back to those two useless emotions, fear and anger. But before we do, we need to revisit a Oneness foundational element. And that is the inherent truth that we are spiritual beings. And as spiritual beings, we are nothing more than 'energy'. The energy that you are is strengthened and weakened by the thousands of thoughts that you entertain on any given day. And thoughts that are positive in nature and positive to your source will strengthen you. As will any thoughts that are negative in nature and negative to your source, weaken you. This is why our thoughts are SO PARAMOUNT to the lives that we lead. Do you think that however you chose to think about last Monday's events helped you, or hurt you? Again, no matter what side of this debate you're on, just the thought of that event HURT YOU! How could it not? So, the only way around the continuous bombardment of outside events that weaken us both physically and spiritually, is to CHOOSE not to give it our personal consent. We must choose to think of ourselves first. If you think that is a selfish thought, then so be it. I don't care. Oneness represents our connection to one and all. But that connection starts with ourselves. We have to understand that as spiritual and beings of energy, we cannot affect the whole of humanity until we affect our own individual lives. Nothing changes from without. Everything changes from within.

So, in closing. No matter how and what you think, ask yourself, 'How is this serving ME?'

Especially in these dark and unprecedented times. Picture yourself as a mirror. That's your world. Your world is just a reflection of you, and of your thoughts. So, do you want change?


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