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Hello friends,

If you've been following along here in these early months of 2021, you've recognized a 'trend'.

With thanks to Esther Hick's spirit guide 'Abraham', I've become so inspired by the importance of declaring, or stating our own intentions. Most of us don't even consider this act at all, let alone on a daily basis. But why don't we? And the answer to that is because we still view our lives here as just something that we're going through. We don't believe in the notion that this world is our stage, or our canvas as I've mentioned. We don't truly believe that we have the innate capabilities to create, and make our lives and our individual worlds exactly how we want them to be.

Look through my recent postings and quotes.

"It's YOUR LIFE. It's YOUR WORLD" Do you not understand this? Why would you think any other way? Do not think anything but the greatest of yourself and your intentions. What is it that you want? What is it that you desire in life? Health, Safety, Abundance, Prosperity. State these intentions every day! Make it a practice and a mantra. You'll notice your energy changes immediately. You'll become more positive! And speaking of 'positivity'..

Check out my latest podcast episode: "An Interview with Miss. Positivity" now available on any and all podcasting sites, apps and smart-home devices. Talk about 'stating your intentions'? This amazing woman is all about it and states her positive intentions in hopes to inspire us all!

State your Intentions my friends

In Oneness

That Oneness Guy

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