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"Thanksgiving Day Love" - ONE AND DONE

Hello, my friends in Oneness,

After a most beautiful Thanksgiving Day with my family, and one where I had so very much to be thankful for, Andrea and I got in the car and headed home. During the drive, I made a point to say:

"Do you realize that a very large portion of our entire population was with family or friends today giving thanks and celebrating love?"

That thought filled my heart with even more love and thanks as I considered the sheer magnitude of the statement. When we returned home, and as I lay in bed reviewing all that I had felt and experienced during this wonderful day, I got to thinking...

Why do so many of us view Thanksgiving as a 'one and done' event?

To be honest, as wonderful as Thanksgiving is, we are wired as a society to turn off the love lights as soon as we finish that last piece of pumpkin pie and say our goodbyes! And it really is by no surprise. We have been bombarded with 'Black Friday' commercials and ads for well over a month already gearing us up for the Christmas holiday. But why do we so easily abandon the love and peace that we feel on Thanksgiving? The elation that comes so naturally to us? Think of the benefits of carrying that feeling and energy with you beyond our annual day for turkey consumption!

Thanksgiving serves the whole world with love, as much as it serves you!

We all know how Thanksgiving makes us feel individually, but have you ever considered the effect that day has on the world itself? Well, you should, and as with everything else, it all comes back to Oneness! When we're celebrating with our loved ones (or the ones you love until they start talking about politics) and giving thanks, we're vibrating at very high levels energetically. That energy not only keeps us in alignment with our higher self (aka God) but also emanates out into the universe taking full effect on the collective consciousness of the whole world! How can we not want that? But because most individuals don't view themselves from a spiritual perspective, we collectively allow the positive and high vibrational energy of Thanksgiving to take a nose dive. This is pretty much the same thing that happens after Christmas. Although we revel in the joy, love, and gratitude of being with loved ones, we forget the truth that having that feeling is actually a choice. A choice we can make any time of any day. Let's make the choice together:

"I choose to carry the love of Thanksgiving well beyond the coffee and dessert"

In Oneness


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