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Why Do We Wait For Bad News? (to finally eat healthy)

Hello my friends in Oneness,

I asked myself this question last week and it really resonated with me. It resonated because I honestly fell prey to what the question asks, at least to some degree.

Why do we wait for bad news to finally start praying, eat healthy and start exercising?

You may be laughing right now because you've experienced this. If you have, I hope you're fully recovered, or at least on the road to your recovery. And if this is not something you can relate to, you may be laughing even harder at the absurdity of it. If you fall into the latter, I pray that you never hear any form of 'bad news' that forces your immediate, and full-out acceptance into the club like it has with me and millions of others.

So, I thought this would make a pretty good series for my blog. If I were to consider all three specific topics (praying, eating healthy, exercising), it would be way too much info for one blog. What I would like to do is dedicate one blog to each specific question/topic, and because it was the biggest challenge for me, I'm going to start with this:

Why do we wait for bad news to, FINALLY EAT HEALTHY?

I'd like to start off by saying that for all intents and purposes, my wife and I have always maintained what we thought to be a health-minded diet. We would opt for organic whenever possible, we wouldn't eat too much red meat (maybe once or twice a month). We ate chicken, fish and a good selection of healthy vegetables. We loved good proteins, especially eggs, loved our daily salads, drank plenty of water. We didn't go overboard with pastas and carbs, and tried to keep track of our portions. I knew that compared to what I heard other people eating on a daily basis, I was doing pretty good! That's pretty good until you get diagnosed with cancer.

"Let Food be thy Medicine. Let Medicine be thy Food" - Hippocrates

The first thing my Radical Remission Certified Instructor, John Henry told me about when he first got diagnosed (for the record, John was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia in 2014 and remains in full remission) was that the only thing he could control, and do on his own was to immediately change his diet. He stressed the importance of not just dramatically changing my diet, but of the psychological benefits that come with it. You feel like you're doing something, and not just relying upon whatever dire prognosis you may have heard. John also sent me a file of lists, videos and websites, all emphasizing the foods that are helpful to cancer patients, and those that are not. And if you think that 'just staying organic' is the answer, guess what. YOU'RE WRONG.

When cancer patients address their diet, it comes with a whole new set of rules. Now granted, you don't need to take this route. I'm sure there are many people who hear of what their 'new diet' entails, and respond with a very quick and adamant; "Fuck that" and that's fine. Life is always about choices. But for those like me, and like my RR Instructor, who became inspired by the very thought of taking at least some control, it was a no brainer. I welcomed the challenge because I know that my life is at stake.

With that said, to date I am now almost six weeks into my new 'plant-based' and 'high alkaline' diet. No sugars. No processed foods. No meats. No fish. No dairy. No caffeine. No alcohol (yeah, I know. That one sucks). Think of it as a kicked-up Vegan diet if you may. And before I take any credit of my own, I owe major thanks to my wife Andrea. She is the Captain of 'Team Danny' and has taken complete control over whatever solids and liquids I consume. Between her research online along with dozens of YouTube videos, Andrea has found and prepared amazing (and very tasty) meals for me. This all falls under the mantra of what Hippocrates said some 2400 years ago. I am content. I have lost about 13 pounds to date. I remain strong, and I can already feel that specific lumps in my neck have shrunk substantially.

But, back to the question: 'Why do we wait for bad news, to finally eat healthy?"

Most of us live with an ingrained sense infallibility. We believe that we can eat whatever we want and still lead a healthy life. There are those who actually do ingest whatever their heart desires, and do actually live a long life. To those, I stand and salute you. You are most definitely the exception to the rule. Unfortunately, many of us at some time in our lives will experience effects of eating mostly, let's be honest, SHIT. And by that appropriate slang, you know that I mean 'food that is not good for us'. You know the names. I'll just list a few for the sake of the blog:

sugar, processed foods, gluten, junk food, GMO, refined grains, artificial trans fats, pretty much anything that's not organic.

That's just the tip of a very large iceberg too, but you get the drift. To attain any level of sustainability, our food chain (which is a business) had to take measures to ensure a certain 'shelf life' for their products and produce. Over the last 50 years or so, food has become increasingly dangerous for us to consume. But, we need to eat. So, with the fast paced world that we live in, we need food that is easy to buy, quick to make and fills our bellies. Again, SHIT.

But, why do we take our bodies for granted? There are so many analogies that fit this conversation, but I like the one about 'cars' the best. If you don't take care of your car, you know it's just a matter of time before something goes wrong. And based upon the length of your neglect, it could be something like a blown transmission. Our bodies are no different, and a hell of a lot more important. Thanks to the incessant TV commercials, we know what's out there. We know what potentially lies ahead of us. So why? Why do wait for bad news that could emulate a head-on collision? It doesn't make sense to me. Trust me, I love burgers, fries and pizza as much as the next guy. But if we eat foods without at least the understanding that 'I can't make a habit out of this', we're setting ourselves up for potential problems.


We only get one of these magnificent homes to live in during this journey. Treat it with as much respect as you can. Don't ever take it for granted. Our bodies are created to thrive and to live vibrantly. We need to understand this. Look at all that our bodies do completely on their own. They breathe. They have their own defense mechanisms. THEY HEAL! What more do you need to know? Take better control of your body. Give it the proper nutrition that it needs. Drink plenty of water. Exercise. Meditate. This isn't rocket science. You've heard this all before. Bad news is potentially right around the corner. Make the right choices.

In Oneness,

'That Oneness Guy'

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