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Why Do We Wait For Bad News? (to finally start praying)

I wanted to conclude this trilogy of blog questions with the most obvious, and the most important one there is:

"Why do we wait for bad news, to finally start praying?

Now. Regardless if you pray at all, or not, I feel it's safe to assume that there was a time in your life, when you received or heard bad news. Upon hearing this news, you most likely felt compelled to reach out to a source, power or entity that's bigger than you. Someone or something that you believe, or have heard, has more control over matters than you do. What did you do next? YOU PRAYED! And chances are, there was a great amount of intent and emotion tied into that prayer, right? Of course there was! You may have even gotten on your hands and knees and cried during this most urgent prayer. You wanted help. Help that you couldn't provide. Help that only a most powerful, or divine being could provide.

Well, aside from waiting for this bad news to activate some sort of dialogue with this entity, your first problem is that you were taught to believe that this entity is separate from you. This is the unfortunate 'truth' that you were taught as a child. Many of you reading this still believe that 'truth'. The first (and most important) element of Oneness, is that there is NO SEPARATION. No separation from anyone, anything, and most importantly, no separation from your God, higher source, spirit, or whatever you call your divine essence. The reason we were taught that there is separation from God, is simply because religion found out that fear was an effective tool to keep a congregation intact and in check. But let's not get too far into that discussion. This blog wants to address why it takes the hearing of bad news for some folks to finally start praying.

As we address that question, we have to go back to the original scenario I mentioned. Where you hear really bad news and you reach out in prayer to someone, or something aside from yourself. So, as I mentioned in the prior paragraph, there is no separation between you and your God. So, as you pray, you're not praying to anyone outside of your being. You're basically praying to yourself. So asking for 'favors' or separate blessings is a waste. Your God, your essence, your entity has not, is not, and will never judge you and cannot cast any luck, good fortune, or blessings your way (read: 'free will'). Please remember this. God is not a noun. It, not he or she, but It is a verb if you may, an energy, and we all emanate from this energy.

The reason we pray is 'soul-ly' to reconnect ourselves with God, source or spirit.

That's why prayer is important. Because any time that we take to 'go within' as they say, to pray, or meditate provides an immediate reconnection with God. It reconfirms our true essence, which in fact is Oneness. By staying connected to our source we can raise our vibrations which allow all of life's energies to flow to and through us. We were taught to think that prayer is asking for blessings. Specific blessings that you may need or want for yourself or for someone else.


It will serve us all better if we come to know this truth. Now, for those who take comfort in praying to a God they believe is separate from themselves, if it makes you feel good, go for it. Just know that if something does or doesn't come from your prayers, your God had nothing to do with it. Our lives are determined by the thoughts we are thinking, which correlate directly to our feelings that manifest into what we call 'reality'.

So, to close out this blog I'd like to say that:

1. In Oneness, we understand that we are One. One with everyone, everything, and most importantly one with God

2. 'Prayer' is a method in which we stay connected to the essence of God within us all

3. When we understand #1 and #2 We naturally seek to 'pray' in any of its forms as often as possible to keep us connected to God, our source, and to realize the many benefits we can experience.

The objective is to ALWAYS pray! To stay connected to God (aka yourself, and your higher self all in one). To wait for bad news of any kind is proof that you're not connected at that very moment, but you can change that instantly. PRAY. State your intentions. State what you are. Use your "I Am" mantras, for example:

"I am wellness"

"I am abundance"

"I am oneness"

"I am love"

And let's not forget:

"I Am God"

Because you are. The sooner you acknowledge this eternal truth, the sooner you'll view prayers from a whole different perspective, and you won't wait for bad news to start!

In Oneness,


'That Oneness Guy'


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